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Susan Raemer-Rodriguez

"My passion is to help owners and executives engage and understand their human capital in a way that positively impacts the bottom line. When I recruit, I don't represent individuals; rather I represent the company and find the best fit for the organization. When I consult, my goal is to help a company develop its HR function to the point that it can become self-sufficient. I look out for the client's best interests and help management make people decisions that are in the best interest of their business." - Susie Raemer-Rodriguez


Susie brings more than 20 years of experience in recruiting, training and human resources consulting.  Prior to starting R&R Human Resources Solutions, Susie was instrumental in establishing a human resources consulting group for two mid-sized CPA firms. Certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources, Susie helps middle market companies in many industries maintain a competitive edge with staffing, employee relations, HR policies, compensation programs, as well as remain compliant with employment laws. Outsourced HR management services, behavioral assessments, executive coaching & training and HR audits are also an integral part of her practice.


As an HR generalist with a heavy emphasis in recruitment, Susie brings an impartial point of view to her clients that enables her to help balance the business needs of the company with the wants and desires of employees. She can help a company keep its human capital expenses in check while developing and retaining its best workers. Susie is also highly skilled at performing dynamics assessments, which provide an unbiased perspective in the areas of employee behavior, interactions and job performance. With her comprehensive knowledge of employment law, she can also help her clients understand the impact of their decisions and meet their compliance obligations.


Susie's experience has taught her that one size does not fit all. Few HR programs have universal applicability; when it comes to an organization's employees and culture, a thoughtful, well-planned approach is key. She feels it is important to carefully assess what a company's needs are from an employee relations and management perspective by using a variety of tools to help identify issues and develop solutions. Susie believes that frequent communication is the essence of good client service; she provides regular updates on her work and strives to be available to answer questions and help clients address any issues that arise.