What does it take to effectively manage your team?


Sexual harassment and awareness training

Harassment is tremendously detrimental to the workplace.  It can harm physically and emotionally, hamper effective teamwork, create wasteful distractions put the organization at great public relations and financial risk, and erode the individual and group efforts that are essential for company success.

To maximize education and harassment avoidance, organizations should take a two prong approach to harassment prevention:  1) Supervisory Training and 2) Staff Employee Training. When it comes to Harassment, ignorance is not bliss - especially if an employee has supervisory responsibilities.  This interactive session will help supervisory and leadership employees understand their critical role in harassment awareness, prevention and resolution.  The legal underpinnings to harassment liability will be discussed as well as the various types of harassment.  Participants will work in small groups to analyze relevant case studies that have real life application. Session participants will walk away with a better understanding of the salient issues surrounding harassment in the workplace and their role in making the Company’s harassment policy effective. We will discuss what is and what is not harassment, as well as steps that will be taken to ensure a safe productive workplace for all employees.


Interview skills training

Recruiting, interviewing and selecting the right candidate -  it’s never been more challenging.  This program is designed to help participants manage the hiring process and find those individuals who will bring talent, productivity and quality to their workplace.  Learning to avoid potential hiring pitfalls, such as discrimination claims and asking leading questions are valuable added bonuses.  


Conducting performance appraisals

Often organizations put so much emphasis on completing a performance appraisal form that they lose sight of the real purpose behind the performance appraisal process.  This workshop will provide managers with tools and insights to help them prepare, conduct and follow up with the performance management process.  The program incorporates the use of effective feedback, goal setting and behaviorally oriented examples of desired employee performance.  


Dynamic communication

This is a behaviorally based seminar that will teach employees how to communicate with others based on the DISC language (an observable language).  At the end of this class, participants will understand their own behavior, recognize and understand are others’ behavioral styles and learn how to adapt in order to better communicate and achieve greater understanding with others.  The principles learned in this session can be applied to any situation including recruiting and managing others.


Millennials:  They're Here to Stay!  Understanding The Unique Needs Of An Evolving Workforce

What is it about this generation? Are they as lazy, selfish, demanding and disloyal as they appear?  Why are they special, what makes them tick and how do you manage them effectively? The generation born between 1982 and 2002 is unlike any other youth generation in memory. They are more numerous, more affluent, better educated and more ethnically diverse….and in order to survive the mounting crunch for skilled workers you are going to have to manage them successfully. Their uniqueness can pose a real challenge to managers who are still using yesterday’s management approach to motivating this new breed of worker. Good news is they actually have the potential to be a real asset to your company – the insights gained from this course will help you make the most of this important resource at a time when the labor pool is shrinking.